Thursday, June 22, 2006

Careers have to be built

When one thinks of careers, one thinks of work-life. Therefore students blissfully ignore to listen to any discussion which is related to careers. They start listening only when they reach the SSC or HSC level.

Unfortunately opportunities in career can be encashed only when one is equipped for meeting career challenges. When one is not ready or equipped, one gets surprised. The moment passes away. One has to wait for the next opportunity.
Right from the stage when students enter secondary school ( Vth standard in India), they can get equipped with the right skills. They can start building on their strengths, learn the skill to manage their inside-life. As they move ahead to higher secondary levels ( VIIIth standard onwards in India), they can get prepared to take future decision:they have to choose the discipline after they pass HSC or SSC.
In short, students can equip themselves in facing the challenges that they are likely to encounter in the future.
In this blog, we shall enable students to equip for career building. Teachers teaching students and parents of students can also play a major role in building the careers of these students. Therefore we shall discuss all the issues faced by these three constituents in career building of the students.

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