Thursday, June 07, 2012

Early to bed and early to rise is not always good

I read this interesting article in TOI. Please read this if your child's bioclock is different than normal.

More than anything sleep dictate our hormonal balance. Michael Breus is one of the leading figure in sleep medicine. In his book, Good Night, he describes in detail the key function of sleep in our lives.

Melatonin, also called sleep hormone, actually helps regulate our entire 24-hour rhythm as well. Once released after the sun sets, it slows body function, lowers blood pressure and body temperature. That is why it is important to fall into a specific sleep habit, instead of changing it. Not all of us can change our sleeping habits easily because of this.

For more information about sleep disorders, visit It provides different kind of information on sleep related disorders like snoring and inability to sleep properly.More than the hours of sleep, it is important to ensure the regularity of sleep. For instance, shifting sleeping habits for weekends is not a good idea, because it disrupts our circadian rhythm ( our internal body clock)

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