Thursday, December 20, 2012

Even autism can be converted into a talent if ...

Watch this video to understand an absolutely fundamental principle of excellence.

Any trait is not good or bad. It is appropriate ( or not appropriate) based on its context 

This is a video that explains how the distinct ability of autistic people can be used to make them best software testers in the world. See the Video.

We tend to assume that a trait is good or bad. And try to change it. Especially, if the trait looks negative. Now we know that even inferiority complex can be converted into a useful trait.We also know that positive traits are also not always positive. For instance, we discussed how a trait like honesty is contextual

Given this principle of excellence, it is surprising why we try to 'fit' all the children in a particular 'mould', assuming that only one type of mould is 'right' for succeeding in life. This entire notion of having positive and negative attributes is a myth. An illusion. When we meet successful musician, we understand how even a negative trait like 'inability to listen to others' is helpful for him. Or a short attention span is good for creative people. Or 'arrogance' is good for salesman. Or inability to communicate is useful for a writer. And so on...

We have seen how the old first law of excellence claims that traits and virtues such as honesty, hard work, confidence, motivation are good and must be pursued irrespective of the context. The second law of excellence claims that no virtue is virtue, unless it has a proper context. And, alternatively, a negative virtue is not a liability if it is used in a proper context. 

I can infact give you a challenge. Tell me any 'negative quality' or 'trait', and  i will show you how it has been converted by someone into a 'powerful' ability that is helping him excel. Or tell me a positive quality and i will tell you how someone converted into a roadblock in his/her career. 

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